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V-Guide Template

At Davis Industrial, we recognize the significance of V-guide templates in optimizing conveyor belt performance. V-guides are specialized profiles that enhance tracking by providing a trapezoidal cross-section, similar to V-belts. These guides come in various sizes and are typically thermally welded or vulcanized to the belt.

When and How to Use V-Guide Templates

V-guides can substantially improve the performance of short, wide belts, long, narrow belts, and those that frequently reverse direction. They are particularly valuable for systems with low tension, low speed, or side loading/diverting requirements. However, it's important to remember that V-guide templates are an aid to tracking, not a solution for inadequate conveyor design or maintenance.

Selecting the Right Size
Choosing the appropriate V-guide template size is crucial for optimal performance. The size can vary based on the belt's dimensions. To determine the right size, measure the width where it attaches to the belt and the thickness. Importantly, there should be a 1/16" clearance on both sides and the bottom of the guide. If flexibility is needed for negotiating smaller pulleys, notched guides are a practical choice.
Proper Placement for Maximum Efficiency
Precise placement of V-guide templates on the belt is essential. Communicate the centerline of the guide and provide details about its position on the belt, such as centerline, a specific distance from the centerline, and other relevant information. Avoid using worn belt edges as reference points, as this can lead to inaccurate guide placement, especially when multiple guides are involved.

V-Guide General Specs





6mm   6mm   4mm   4mm
Modified 8mm   8mm   6mm   3.5mm
8mm   8mm   5mm   4.5mm
10mm / O Section 3/8" 10mm 1/4" 6mm 1/4" 6mm
Modified A Section 1/2" 13mm 3/8" 9mm 1/4" 6mm
13mm / A Section 1/2" 13mm 5/16" 7mm 5/16" 7.5mm
17mm / B Section 5/8" 17mm 3/8" 9mm 3/8" 11mm
22mm / C Section 7/8" 22mm 9/16" 12mm 1/2" 11mm
D Section 1-1/4" 32mm 3/4" 19mm 3/4" 19mm
E Section 1-3/8" 35mm 1" 25.4mm 3/4" 19mm
Mill Apron 3-1/8" 79mm 2-1/4" 57mm 7/8" 22mm


Davis Industrial is your trusted partner in enhancing conveyor belt systems. If you have any specific inquiries or require further guidance regarding V-guide templates, our dedicated team is ready to assist.