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Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors

At Davis Industrial, we offer high-quality Magnetic Separators designed for efficient and effective separation of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in various industries and applications. These separators utilize magnetic force to remove or separate magnetic particles from the material being processed. Available in various sizes and configurations, our Magnetic Separators are tailored to meet your specific needs and are known for their precision and reliability. Let Davis Industrial, the best all-in-one conveyor solution company in Florida, serve you!

Magnetic Separator/Metal Detector

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Magnetic Field
Our Magnetic Separators generate a strong magnetic field, enabling them to effectively separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials, even in applications with specific suspension height, belt speed, or burden depth requirements.
Downstream Equipment Protection
These separators are designed to protect downstream equipment in conveyor systems, such as crushers and bark hogs, from magnetic particles, thereby preventing damage and reducing maintenance costs.
Customization Options
We offer customization options to meet your specific needs and application requirements.

Permanent Magnetic Separator

Permanent separators help separate tramp ferrous metals from conveyed material. They are typically suspended above the belt, which allows them to effectively and efficiently pull metal up and away from the product flow before discharging it safely away from the conveyor.your equipment running properly.


Electromagnetic Separator

These separators, equipped with self-cleaning features, provide efficient metal removal from materials, ensuring high-quality products, increased productivity, and reduced downtime for customers.


Magnetic Drum Separator

The magnetic drum separator efficiently removes magnetic contaminants from bulk materials. As the material flows through the rotating drum, the magnets inside attract and separate ferrous particles, ensuring product purity and preventing equipment damage.


Magnetic Pulley Separator

The magnetic pulley separator is designed to remove ferrous contaminants from conveyed materials. As the material passes over the magnetic pulley, the ferrous particles are attracted and separated, ensuring clean and uncontaminated output.


Plate Magnet Separator

The plate magnet separator is an efficient solution for removing ferrous contaminants from free-flowing products or materials. Installed in chutes, ducts, or pipelines, it attracts and captures ferrous particles, preventing equipment damage and product contamination.


Grate Magnet Separator

The grate magnet separator provides efficient removal of ferrous contaminants from free-flowing materials. Installed in hoppers, bins, or chutes, it uses powerful magnets to attract and hold ferrous particles, ensuring product quality and protecting processing equipment.

Industries / Applications:

Magnetic Separators are utilized across a wide range of industries and applications. Magnetic Separators are used to remove contaminants from finished products, ensuring product purity and safety. Overall, Magnetic Separators provide effective material separation solutions, enhancing efficiency and product quality across multiple industries.

Metal Detectors

We offer customizable metal detectors suitable for diverse industrial applications, including mining, recycling, slag processing, and more. With adjustable secondary sensitivity, easy installation, and the ability to ignore specific metals, these detectors contribute to high-quality products, increased productivity, and minimized downtime, ensuring comprehensive equipment protection.