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Conveyor Belt Vulcanized Splicing

Davis Industrial stands at the forefront of conveyor belt vulcanize splicing, offering unmatched expertise for diverse applications. From food & beverage lines, to mobile equipment to heavy-duty bulk handling systems, our services cater to a wide array of needs with precision and efficiency. As a premier splicing company, we possess expertise in various splicing methods such as vulcanized splices, so we tailor our solutions to each project's unique requirements.

The Davis Industrial Way

As leaders in Florida's vulcanization industry, we prioritize quality in training, service, and customer care. Our vulcanized splicing sets us apart as the optimal choice for maintaining plant operations efficiently. We offer a comprehensive, turnkey solution for belts of all types and sizes, from 2" to 96" wide, guaranteeing expertise from inspection to preventative maintenance. While we may not be the cheapest upfront, our commitment to quality reduces overall costs, and we stand behind our workmanship 100%. With extensive belting inventories available 24/7, we ensure our customers receive top-notch service and timely access to critical components.

Improving your belt systems

The Benefits of Vulcanized Splicing

Enhanced Strength
Vulcanized splices are stronger and more durable than mechanical fasteners, providing a seamless and robust connection between belt ends.
Increased Efficiency
A vulcanized splice results in a smooth, continuous surface on the conveyor belt, which can reduce friction, improve material flow, and enhance overall system efficiency.
Improved Safety
A vulcanized splice is not only the strongest splice possible, it eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, which can pose a safety hazard by catching on belt cleaners or other system components. A smooth splice reduces these risks and enhances safety.
Now that you have that perfect splice, how about a Belt Cleaner to keep your conveyor running smoothly?

Vulcanizing not what you need? We've got you covered.