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Dust Collection Bags

Dust Collectors

Dust control is a constant challenge for any operator that handles dry bulk material such as biomass, recycling, wood chips, pulp and paper, cement, aggregates, and coal.Challenges with dust include health concerns, maintenance costs, safety risks, and governmental and workplace compliance. Therefore, controlling the dust is vital to your business and your personnel, as well as to your community.Because so much is at stake, bulk material handlers must follow specific regulations and guidelines concerning dust containment. The first step is recognizing the origins of the dry dust. Processes such as bag handling, mixing and blending, conveying, drying, and storing can all be possible sources.Once the sources are identified, industrial dust collectors can filter the air to be collected without adverse effects.

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Filter Bags

We supply a wide range of high-quality filter bags and provide expertise and solutions for all industries, dust types, and baghouse styles. We supply filter media solutions for abrasive, toxic, and explosive dusts, and specialize in dust and fumes from abrasive handling, chemicals, cement, food & beverage, metals, power, waste-to-energy, powder coating, sandblasting, textiles, pulp & paper, woodworking, and many other demanding industries..

Recommended Maximum Operating Temperature ºF

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Industries / Applications:

Our dust collectors are versatile and can be used across a wide range of industries for effective dust and particle removal. Whether it's manufacturing, food processing, woodworking, or pharmaceuticals, we can customize these systems to meet the specific needs of your industry. Check out Davis Industrial, your all-in-one conveyor solution provider, to fulfill your conveyor system needs.