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Lightweight Conveyor Belting

Timing/Drive Belts

Our timing/drive belts deliver precision and reliability for a wide range of industrial applications. These belts are engineered for optimal power transmission, ensuring efficient and synchronized operation in diverse machinery. Trust Davis Industrial to be your conveyor belt partner to provide, install, and support you with the highest-quality conveyor belts on the market.

Timing & Drive Belt

Features & Benefits

Superior Performance
Thin cross-section and flexibility result in exceptional efficiency of up to 98-99%, reducing energy consumption and increasing speed and horsepower capacity.
Smooth and Silent Operation
Our belts operate vibration-free at high speeds up to 75 m/s, ensuring minimal noise and preventing damage to products and equipment.
Versatile Applications
Our belts can handle reverse bends, serpentine paths, and small pulley diameters (as small as 1/4"), making them ideal for a wide range of power transmission needs.
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Precise and Reliable Transmission
Timing/drive belts provide accurate and dependable power transmission due to their toothed design. The teeth maintain a positive grip on the pulleys, ensuring precise synchronization and minimal slippage, resulting in efficient and reliable power transfer.


  • Unmatched Efficiency: The thin-cross section and flexibility reduce centrifugal force and energy consumption while allowing an increase in speed and horsepower capacity — this means efficiencies as high as 98% to 99%.
  • High Speed, Low Vibration: Even while reaching high speeds up to 75 meters per second, flat belts will still run vibration free. This prevents any unforeseen product damage or equipment malfunction.
  • Application Flexibility: Flat belts can handle reverse bends, run a serpentine path and negotiate pulley diameters as small as 1/4”, making them a viable option for a variety of power transmission applications.


  • Low Pretension
  • Consistent Dimensional Stability
  • Good Wear and Abrasion Resistance
  • Good Resistance to Hydrolysis, UVA, Ozone, Oils and Greases
  • Maintenance Free
  • Belt Working Temperature: -25°C/+80°C

Industries / Applications:

Davis Industrial's Timing/Drive Belts find wide-ranging applications across diverse industries, in both heavy and lightweight settings. Whether utilized in manufacturing, automotive, food, recycling, or machinery these belts offer adaptability and optimal performance. Our conveyor belt experts can help support your team and conveyor belts to make sure you are efficiently using these components.