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We can install or maintain conveyor belts and conveyor belt system anywhere in the world, our area of concentration is Florida and the Eastern Caribbean.

We have installed or repaired conveyors or board belt in these locations:

Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, St. Croix, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Texas and all over Florida.

closeup of damage on conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt Repair & Reconditioning

Two workers work on splicing a new section of conveyor belt onto a system

Conveyor Belt Splicing & Vulcanizing

Worker in fabrication warehouse building steel chassis for conveyor system

Conveyor System Fabrication

Worker grinds down pulley for ceramic lagging

Pulley Lagging

Closed Chevron cleat, rubber profiles for belt fabrication

Rubber Profiles

Expansion Materials

Expansion Joints

Worker sanding Gypsum wallboard belt

Gypsum Board Belt Splicing & Sanding

Workers gather around table to fix conveyor belt splices

Inspection & Training

Custom built box conveyor built for offloading goods from large container ship next to skid steer loader

Mechanical Services

People mover escalator being prepped for repair

Speedwalk Installation, Vulcanizing & Repair

Two workers install a conveyor belt saddle

Turnkey Belt Changeouts

Man welding a piece of steel while wearing welding helmet

Industrial Fabrication & Welding

inspection conveyor system

Preventative Maintenance Programs