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Lightweight Conveyor Belting

Plastic Modular Belting

Davis Industrial offers a dependable solution for efficient material handling with Plastic Modular Belting. Sourced from our reputable manufacturing partners, our plastic modular belts are designed for versatility and durability in various applications. Trust us to be your all-in-one partner for your conveyor belt needs, we are the best conveyor belt company in Florida.

Plastic Modular Belting

Features & Benefits

Strong Sanitation Ability
The sanitary benefits for food processing plants include non-porous thermoplastics, partially exposed hinge rods, and FDA-compliant materials.
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Easy Maintenance
With a focus on user-friendly design, our plastic modular belts require minimal maintenance, offering convenience and cost savings.
Reliable & Durable Material
Plastic modular belting undergoes no fraying or tearing. Also, the plastic modules can withstand harsh environments and offer high resistance to abrasives and corrosives.
Minimized Cost
Plastic modular belts are low-tension systems, which allows for the use of fewer pulleys. This means a less complex system and reduced installation costs. The low-tension belts also cut down on wear to bearings and ancillary components, extending product life and lowering maintenance costs.

Industries / Applications:

Davis Industrial's Plastic Modular Belting is a versatile solution for diverse industries, streamlining material handling and conveyor operations. Plastic modular belting is widely used in the Food Processing industry, Box, Carton & Paper industry and more for its benefits to efficiency and reliability in conveying systems. Davis Industrial ensures seamless integration, offering a dependable choice for efficient material handling in any industry.

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