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Lightweight Conveyor Belting

Food (FDA, USDA, AAA Dairy Belting)

Experience unparalleled excellence in food conveyor belting with Davis Industrial. As a premier fabricator of specialized belts for the food industry, we cater to diverse applications in food processing and packaging. Our extensive range includes fabric-based and modular plastic belts, plastic chains, timing belts, and belting accessories. Complementing these offerings is our advanced automated Clean-in-Place system, providing a comprehensive solution.

Food Conveyor Belting

Features & Benefits

Waste Reduction
Our Food belting solutions are specifically designed to reduce waste in your food production processes. With precise and consistent conveyance, these belts minimize product damage or loss, resulting in less waste and improved overall efficiency.
Minimal Breakdowns & Maintenance
Our Food belting is engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring minimal breakdowns and maintenance requirements. This means less downtime for repairs, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted production and maximize productivity.
Increased Yield
By utilizing our Food belting solutions, you can expect increased yield in your food manufacturing operations. These belts are designed to optimize product flow, reducing blockages or jams and enabling a smoother production process, leading to higher output.
Enhanced Hygiene & Sanitation
Our Food belting meets the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. Compliant with FDA and USDA regulations, these belts are easy to clean and resistant to contaminants, ensuring a clean and safe production environment for your food products.
Optimized Line Efficiency
Food belting plays a critical role in optimizing the efficiency of your production line. The precise and reliable performance of these belts helps minimize bottlenecks and ensures smooth and efficient product movement, improving overall system efficiency.
24/7 Onsite Installation Services
We offer 24/7 onsite installation services for Food belting, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration process. Our team will work around your production schedule, minimizing any disruption and allowing you to quickly benefit from our high-quality belting solutions.

Featured Products for the Food Industry:

  • Hygienic Thermoplastic Belting
  • Metal Detecting Belt Materials
  • Van der Graaf Motorized Pulleys
  • High-Temperature Belting Materials
  • Impact & Cut Resistant Belting Materials
  • Edge Sealed or Encapsulated Belting
  • FDA/USDA-Approved Belt Styles & Materials
  • Anti-Microbial Belt Materials
  • Conveyor Wash Down Systems
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