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Conveyor Components

Conveyor Belt Safety Equipment

Prioritize the well-being of your workforce with our conveyor belt safety equipment. Let Davis Industrial deliver reliable conveyor belt safety equipment, we can be your all-in-one conveyor belt partner.

Safety Equipment

Features & Benefits

Personnel Protection
Conveyor belt safety equipment, such as safety nets, guards, and emergency stop switches, provides essential safeguards to protect personnel from potential accidents or injuries caused by moving parts, falls, or unexpected system activations.
Compliance with Regulations
Utilizing conveyor belt safety equipment ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards set by relevant authorities. This not only prevents legal liabilities and fines but also fosters a responsible and compliant working environment.
Prevention of Accidents & Downtime
The proactive use of safety equipment like audible alarms, warning signage, and lockout/tagout systems minimizes the risk of accidents and unplanned downtime. This, in turn, contributes to a more efficient and productive operation by reducing the frequency of disruptions and emergency shutdowns.

Idler Safety Products


Basket Roll Guard

Will protect personnel from the hazard of being drawn between a spinning idler and a moving belt.


Return Roll Cage

Ensures the safety of property and personnel by guarding against potential hazards from misaligned belts that could cut drop brackets of suspended return rolls, leading to roll dislodgement.

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Return Idler Guard

Designed to prevent injuries from pinch points and to catch the return idler if it should fall


Heavy Duty Return Idler Guard

Heavy Duty Return Idler Guard expanded to include CEMA E & F return idlers


V-Return Idler Guard

V-Return Idler Guard fits standard v-return idlers and protects workers and equipment from falling idlers and from dangerous pinch points.


Return Idler Cage

Return Idler Cage was designed to catch the return roller applications from falling, preventing injuries to workers and to equipment. 


Modular Conveyor Flat Guard

Modular Conveyor Flat Guard is a modular powder coated all steel guard that is typically mounted to the conveyor to guard against moving equipment and protect workers from injury.


Conveyor Chute Inspection Doors

Conveyor Chute Inspection and Access Doors are necessary part of any material handling system.


Conveyor Belt Clamps

Created for maximum grip, these belt clamps offer exceptional belt clamping for all types of conveyor belt maintenance in a variety of working conditions.


Return Roll Changer

Return Roll Changer allows you to remove and replace a roller from a single side of the conveyor and/or from whichever side of the catwalk is located.

General Guarding Products


Safety Handrail

Safety Handrails are designed to prevent human entanglement in conveyor belting.


Flexible Guard Panels

Conveyor guarding is an essential component for safe operation and it’s the top priority for any material producing operation.


Return Roll Guards

We manufacture multiple solutions to protect your crews from conveyor idler pinch points.