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Conveyor Components

Conveyor Belt Repair Kits

Davis Industrial provides reliable and efficient solutions for conveyor belt maintenance with our conveyor belt repair kits. These kits are designed to offer quick and effective repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring the longevity of your conveyor system. Trust us as your all-in-one conveyor solution partner. We can serve you with installation, ongoing support, maintenance, and emergency repair services.

Types of Repair Kits

Quick Conveyor Belt Repairs

Our all-in-one conveyor belt repair kit is the perfect solution for patching surface gouges or holes. Our material doesn't shrink or crack and has good working time and shelf life. Our repair kits are available and designed specifically for a complete do-it-yourself repair system, but you always have our expert technicians as your partner.



High Performance Conveyor Belt Repair 

Designed to be a high performance conveyor belt repair product that allows you to fix your belt in less than an hour.



  • Long Lasting Performance
  • Fast On-Site Repairs
  • Easy to Apply
  • Lower Unit Cost
Permanent Heavy Duty Belt Repair 

For your rubber conveyor belts with steel cords or textile carcasses of high tension, our flexible splice-to-screw can be also ideal as a repair patch. Self-drilling and self-tapping screws pinch the cables or go through the cable, providing new strength to the belt’s carcass.



Conveyor Repair System 


A complete conveyor repair kit providing a long-lasting repair, with strong adhesion and quick cure time. Conveyor repair system will extend the life of your conveyor belt dramatically with excellent wear and durability equal to the actual conveyor belt.

Rubber Repair Material Kit 

Our Rubber Repair Material Kit is a urethane based rubber repair product with a fast set time and 1 hour functional cure, reducing the amount of time required to make the repair.






Self-Leveling Manual Urethane Repair System
  • The Self-Leveling Manual Urethane Repair System is a convenient conveyor spot repair material providing a long-lasting repair, with strong adhesion, and quick cure time.
  • The Self-Leveling Repair System can be applied to smaller or non-level areas.
  • The Self-Leveling Repair System will extend the life of your conveyor belt dramatically. 
Repair Kit

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Solution
Our Conveyor Belt Repair Kits come complete with everything you need for efficient and effective repairs. From essential tools to high-quality materials, we provide a comprehensive solution in one convenient package.
Versatile Applications
Designed for versatility, our repair kits are compatible with various conveyor belt types and materials.
Quick & Easy Repairs
Experience minimal downtime with our user-friendly repair kits. The intuitive design and clear instructions empower your maintenance team to perform quick and efficient conveyor belt repairs, ensuring a swift return to operational status.

Have Davis Industrial Do Your Repairs for you