Gypsum Board Belt Splicing & Sanding

Davis Industrial has long been known as a premier gypsum wallboard belt service company. We have the personnel and the equipment to get the job done right the first time whether it is installation and vulcanizing or preventative maintenance and belt repairs. Davis Industrial also has the equipment to sand the surface of an existing board belt (including forming belts) to help the customer get more life out of the belt. This process is very effective and has been performed at the majority of the major wallboard manufacturer’s facilities by Davis Industrial. References are available upon request.

Davis Industrial is one the few companies in the U.S. with the expertise to sand gypsum board belt or plaster board correctly, from your #1 forming belt to your # 6 belt. One speck can mark your whole board and render it inoperable, but we can take out imperfections up to 1/16″ deep to create a perfect surface.

Davis Industrial has years of successful experience in splicing other specialty belts, including acid filter belts within the chemical facilities of Florida. Belts up to 120” wide can be hot vulcanized at the customer’s facility on the conveyor, reducing costly tear down and re-installation time.

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