Conveyor Belt Splicing & Vulcanizing

Davis Industrial is a splicing company for all of the world’s major belt manufacturers. We offer expertise in a variety of splicing methods including Hot Vulcanizing, Cold Vulcanizing, Finger Splicing and Mechanical Splicing. With our fully self-sufficient service crews we are able to service a wide geographical area.

Over the years we have successfully completed thousands of splices on all types of belts including:

  • High Tension Steel CordDavis Industrial team splicing conveyor belt
  • Fabric Plied
  • Straight Warp/ Solid Woven
  • Kevlar, Urethane and PVC

We utilize the latest vulcanizing technology. We monitor and control every aspect of the vulcanizing process including:

  • Only using the most effective and dependable splice materials available
  • Validating of all raw materials
  • Meeting/exceeding belt manufacturers recommended step length and splice length
  • Monitoring pressure and temperature of the vulcanization process from start to finish.