Florida dealer offers reasons for hope, optimism during coronavirus

By  April 22, 2020

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As a Florida-based equipment dealer of conveyor parts and services, Davis Industrial, like any business, has adapted and adjusted during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Those adjustments include adopting recommended precautions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), such as altering employee scheduling to accommodate social distancing, allowing employees to work from home when possible and wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE).

“This pandemic has pushed us all to think beyond the status-quo and move our businesses into different modes of operating,” says Stephenie Davis, president and CEO of Davis Industrial. “Our goal is to continue to be here to service our customers 24/7 while maintaining the health and safety of our team.”

Fortunately, Davis Industrial has been deemed an essential service during the pandemic, allowing the company to continue to service and provide components to end users in the construction and mobile equipment industry.

So how, as president and CEO, has Davis motivated employees during these trying times? With a glass half-full perspective.

Davis Industrial coronavirus

Employees at Florida-based Davis Industrial adjusted to the coronavirus pandemic with a few new measures, including working remotely, alternating shifts and operating at safe distances with additional personal protective equipment. Photo: Davis Industrial

“I told my team: It is important to stay positive and look for the opportunities to grow and learn in this trying time,” Davis says. “We cannot control the circumstances or the outcome, but we can control our actions and our attitudes.”

While the road ahead is unclear and challenges persist, Davis is proud of how her employees have persevered in light of the circumstances.

“Our team has been nothing short of fantastic,” Davis says. “They have all been very flexible and accommodating to help ensure their health and safety while balancing the ability to be ready to help our customers.”

Davis has also seen similar attitudes from customers who continue to operate during this pandemic.

“I think overall with our customers I am seeing a cautiously resilient trend,” Davis says. “Almost all of our customers are continuing to operate as an essential business and doing what they can to protect their personnel as best they can.”

She also notes that due to stay-at-home orders, there are lower traffic volumes on the roads, allowing contractors the opportunity to increase road work and related projects, which would be “a welcomed boost to our infrastructure and our end-users’ business.”

Outside of her own company, Davis notes how another boost to morale has come from the industry rallying together, supporting one another and checking in regularly.

“We are in a pretty incredible industry, one that on the surface wouldn’t seem to be overly empathetic or compassionate, but the way we have all banded together to share ideas, information, resources and our time is really inspiring,” Davis says.

Davis Industrial and others have not only supported those in their industry, but also those in their communities who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have seen, and been a part of, things like donations of PPE from individuals and businesses to those in need, donation of meals to those less fortunate, donations of money to those here at home in need and even abroad to help individuals who have been furloughed from supplier companies unable to operate,” Davis says. “As a business owner, I find it inspiring to see people come together to make things happen not only here at Davis Industrial but all around the industry.”


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