Wear Liner

The Wear Liner is part of the sealing system, fitted to the inside of the chute to prevent loaded material from pressing directly onto the sealing strip. In this way, a space is created for dust and fine material only, making it easier for the sealing strip to do a good job. The Wear Liner consists of a pre-shaped 15 mm thick rubber faced element that is enforced with a steel plate. The lower edge consists of pure rubber which prevents damage to the belt. By lining the inside of the chute with rubber, a certain amount of noise-proofing is also achieved, further improving the work environment.

Conveyor system wear liner


For highly effective control of dust and material spillage. The SACO Skirt System provides superior control of dust and fines in the conveyor loading zone. Also helps keep valuable material on the belt by reducing spillage and lowering cleanup costs.


  • Positive seal for control of dust and fines.
  • Easy installation and replacement for lower total cost.
  • Durable rubber seal.
  • Maximum effectiveness when backed by a Sacoglide Impact system.

SACO Glide Sealing Systems

The Saco Glide sealing system is designed for improved loading point sealing and spillage control. The addition of a UHMW board provides a solid surface for conveyor seal skirts to seal against eliminating roll-gap and containing product on the conveyor.

Standard CEMA rated Idler frames are used to reduce modification to existing conveyor stringers or frame. SACO Glide is designed for light loading applications where material containment is a problem. For applications with Heavy or Impact loading, we offer other quality Impact stations that should be used.

SACO Glide Sealing System render