Engineered Drum Pulley Assemblies

Engineered Drum Pulley AssembliesMade to order based upon conveyor load, belt tension, belt wrap angles and bearing centers supplied for belt ratings up to and exceeding 8,000 PIW (Pounds per Inch of Belt Width) or 1,400 kN/m.


Welded, integral and “T” Section Super hub versions that minimize the deleterious effects of welding heat affected zones (HAZ). HE (High Endurance) 14-degree taper bushings with the lowest bellows installation stress of any taper bushing shaft mounting system for 2 hub pulley applications up to 12″ diameter and B-Loc keyless locking devices for shafts to 30″ diameter. Full 360-degree fillet welding of internal support discs when used.

Sizes / Housing Styles Available

Installation Resume Chart

Key Industries / Applications

Head, snub, bend and take-up pulleys on bulk belt conveyors used in metallic mining, stone, clay, glass, cement, coal mining and preparation plants, coal-fired electric generating plants, transportation ports and terminals, solid waste, concrete and wood recycling plants, iron and steel mills, and iron foundries.

Complementary Dodge Products

  • Couplings
  • Pillow block bearings
  • Take-up frames
  • Gear reducers
  • Electric motors

Accessories Available

Up to 2″ of vulcanized 45, 60, 70 durometer SBR and 45, 60, 70 DR neoprene rubber lagging with plain and grooved surfaces; vulcanized 60 durometer DLag with +70% more wear resistance than 60 durometer SBR; cold bonded 60 durometer REMA Tip Top rubber lagging with embedded ceramic and weld-on strip Holtz 60 durometer SBR rubber slide lagging.

Modifications Available

  • Shafts with turn downs, keyways, holes drilled and tapped supplied with nonwater soluble rust inhibitor
  • Mounting of shafts to pulley hubs, bearings and coupling halves mounted to shafts
  • Drums center crowned or straight faced
  • Spiral rods or bars welded to drums
  • Turned rim outside diameters to .015 TIR, post weld thermal stress relieving, static balancing to ISO Standard 1940/1-1986 (Grade G-40), dynamic balancing, magnetic particle and ultrasound weld testing, and line boring of end disc inside diameters
  • Permanently fastened metal tags with unique identification numbers and date of manufacture
  • Certified, reproducible drawings furnished