S-A Impact Bar

Impact Bars are used when high levels of energy absorption are to be encountered and low friction drag is desirable. They are most often used at the conveyor’s loading point, where they replace traditional impact idlers. The T-bolt fixing system makes installation quick and easy. The Impact Bar has no moving parts, thus avoiding problems with bearings that break down and rollers that freeze. Impact Bars dramatically reduces down time and maintenance costs, lengthens the service life of belts and conveyors and improves the work environment.

S-A Impact Cradle

The strongest and most complete construction for installing Impact Bars is to use an Impact Cradle. This replaces existing impact idlers. The sides of the cradle are articulated, making the installation of the system and replacement of worn-out impact bars simple and quick. The belt edge is given the support required to allow the sealing system to work in the optimum way.

SPO or Side Pull Out version allows removal of bars without moving loading skirts or lifting the belt. Maintains impact cradle alignment and height frame stays in place.

SFD - Side Fold Down Style Render

SFD – Side Fold Down Style

S-A Adapter

The Adapter is a cost-effective product that simplifies the fitting of impact bars. The Adapter is custom-made to fit straight into existing idlers. It is recommended for lighter applications than the cradle is used for. One major advantage is that the system does not contain any moving parts, considerably reducing the need for maintenance.

SPO - Side Pull Out Impact Cradle

 SPO – Side Pull Out style