Arm Cleaner

Product features:

  • Self adjusting
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable and simple design
  • High operational safety
  • Can be used for reversible belts
  • Reduces downtime
  • Available with various blade materials

Remnants of fine materials may be left behind on the belt. In this case, a fines cleaner, such as the T-Cleaner, is fitted after the Pre-Cleaner immediately behind the drive pulley to obtain the best cleaning effect. If fine and dry material are being conveyed, a T-Cleaner alone might suffice.

An aluminum cassette, the same as used for the Pre-Cleaner, is used for the T-Cleaner. The blade has hard metal vulcanized into flexible rubber, allowing the blades to move individually.

A spring tensioner maintains the pressure and ensures that there is a minimal maintenance requirement. The T-Cleaner is also an excellent cleaner for reversible conveyors.