Pre Cleaner Blades

Standard Pre Cleaner Blades


Standard long wearing blade for quarry applications.

The compound used in this blade is intended for general purpose cleaning where belt speed is below 700 feet per minute.

The standard blade is commonly used in quarrying, mining, and general industrial applications.


For applications where high cleaning efficiency and long blade life is critical.

This multi-compounded blade is designed to provide longer life and superior cleaning in most high abrasive applications.

A softer compound with superior cleaning capability is supported by a harder compound that provides strength and improved durability.

The Special Purpose blade is effective on conveyors up to a belt speed of 700 feet per minute.

Special Purpose

This special purpose blade is designed especially for removal of stubborn carry back such as the pitch and tar that adhere to the belt cover in the wood yard.

This blade is compounded to aid in removal of especially sticky materials that bond themselves to the belt.

An example is on wood-handling conveyors, where pitch and tar adhere to the belt.

The Special Purpose blade is effective on conveyors up to a belt speed of 500 feet per minute.


New Tungsten Carbide blade tip for extremely high abrasion applications and special applications with cutting materials like recycled glass and crushed Flintstone.

Excellent scraping efficiency

Excellent wear life