Pre Cleaner Belt Scraper

Pre cleaner belt scraper for conveyor belt systems

Product features:

  • Constant blade to belt contact pressure
  • Constant blade to belt contact area
  • Constant blade to belt angle
  • Reduced cost
  • No T-plate

There are three different Blades:

  • PRE-CLEANER STD – Standard long wearing blade for quarry applications.
  • PRE-CLEANER PREMIUM – For applications where high cleaning efficiency and long blade life is critical.
  • PRE-CLEANER SP – This special purpose blade is designed especially for removal of stubborn carry back such as the pitch and tar that adhere to the belt cover in the wood yard.

The material is the secret of the long wear life of the S-A Pre Cleaner Blades.

The S-A Pre-Cleaner is delivered as an easy to install complete kit. The Pre-Cleaner Blades are loaded in a removable cassette which makes the blade change out easy and fast without disturbing the axle.

Spring tensioners ensure that correct pressure is maintained against the belt, thus reducing the need for maintenance.