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Our Mission

Davis Industrial delivers 24/7 service and industrial maintenance on conveyors and offers full fabrication services on a regional scale emphasizing the importance of proactive solutions achieved through highly skilled technicians.

Our Vision

Davis Industrial is a regional conveyor company that offers clients an array of industrial services with reliable technicians using a high degree of professionalism, expertise and timeliness.

Formerly BMG Conveyor Services of Florida, Inc. Davis Industrial is a full-service conveyor company offering reliable industrial services by multi-skilled technicians that deliver 24/7 in time-sensitive environments while providing unparalleled solutions.

Davis Industrial is a complete conveyor service company specializing in hot vulcanizing conveyor belting. For more than 40 years we have had a reputation for doing things the right way the first time around; bringing service back to the service industry. You will find us second to none in customer service, quality of workmanship, quality of products and of course safety. We have performed a lot of work in a variety of industries over the last few decades including but not limited to; phosphate/fertilizer (standard belting as well as the filter belts), gypsum wallboard manufacturing, aggregate, rock, citrus, wastewater treatment (standard and flex-wall belts), bauxite, sugar, sawmills/manufacturing, power, asphalt, concrete, recycling, and food / beverage.

We pride ourselves on our customer service; we are second to none in the industry. You are not a number or just another email to us; we take your needs seriously and have the ability to service them at a rapid pace. With Davis Industrial, you get the value-added services that other companies do not offer, we are problem solvers not order takers. We have qualified personnel to accurately troubleshoot your problems and present up to date, real world solutions. With our full fabrication shop we are able to service your planned as well as your unplanned needs, for instance we can build you a pulley in an emergency situation and ship it out the same day. Unlike many other general warehouses or distributors; we know what works because conveyors are what we do.

Davis Industrial is a Top Five Metso Conveyor Components dealer in the U.S. With this position we are able to offer you the best products at competitive prices faster than most other dealers. Metso is a very large company with many different divisions, many divisions can sell the other’s products but do not have the knowledge and expertise that a conveyor service company with 40+ years of experience do. We are specialized as well as flexible; we offer things like education on the benefits of offset idlers and why we mostly recommend offsets and only offering belt saver brackets with return idlers as well as the ability to stock in Tampa any components you need us to. As you know, conveyors are specialized pieces of equipment so why would you want a crusher specialist or a ball mill specialist to service your conveyors when you could have conveyor specialists with decades of experience in troubleshooting, engineering, and technical support at your disposal?

Our company has five service crews that are fully trained in conveyor systems and can handle pretty much anything that comes our way. We specialize in solving problems and vulcanizing conveyor belting. We have trainers on staff that can train your employees the correct way to ensure minimal down time and maximum efficiency. We have over 1 million worth of conveyor service equipment at our shop in Tampa with about 1.4 M in other components and belting inventories; all of our equipment is up to date and we have plenty of it to service whatever needs you may have. We have facilities a few miles from the Port of Tampa as well as a new branch office very close to the Port of Miami which enables us to service our offshore customers quickly and efficiently. We carry a full line of idlers and conveyor belt that can be shipped the same day in most cases. We have faster access to many products from companies such as PPI for your conveyor pulleys, Martin Engineering for your belt scrapers and vibrators, Dodge Motors, Hub City gearboxes, Rema Tip Top Rubber products as well of many newer products that you may not have known about or had access to like superscrews.

Davis Industrial was founded on the principle of “treat your customer right and everything will come full circle“. You will find that to be more than a motto with us. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and accept nothing but the best from our technicians. We are a woman-owned and operated company based in the Tampa Bay area. Any project we take on will be done correctly, efficiently, safely and cost effectively the first time.

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